Rievaulx Abbey

A ruinous Cistercian monastery in the North Yorkshire Moors. Photos from my visit in June with Li Sou, during an intern exchange week with Historic England.

I could never resist a ruin pic…


Mount Grace Priory

Mount Grace Priory: an Arts-and-Crafts house, the ruins of a 14th century Carthusian monastery, and a visit to a reconstructed monk’s cell – all within stunning North Yorkshire woodland. Photos from my visit in June with Li Sou, during an intern exchange week with Historic England.

Whithorn Priory 3D prints

Whithorn Priory holds an important collection of early medieval carved stones, which has been digitally documented in its entirety by HES Digital Documentation. 3D digital models of the objects had already been created using different methods such as structured-light scanning and SfM photogrammetry. Most of the models had also been 3D printed, except for 6. These were eventually printed in January 2016, thus completing a 3D printed collection of the Whithorn Priory carved stones in 1/10 scale.

The images below show the prints before and after the support material covering them had been cleaned off. One of the highlights of the collection is the Monreith Cross, one of the tallest stone crosses found in Galloway. The Whithorn Priory museum has an excellent online database of the carved stone collection, seen here.

Elgin Cathedral Column


Section through the point cloud showing outline of the disks in plan view.
Section through the point cloud showing outline of the disks in plan view.

First time using the Leica P40 scanner on my own to record a column from Elgin Cathedral that the Stone Conservation department had been working on in South Gyle. The column had been assembled incorrectly in the past, so the Stone Conservation team had rearranged the stone disks in the correct way before transporting the column back to Elgin. The capital was placed on top with a crane which is still partly visible in the scan snapshots.

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Elgin Cathedral Stones